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Jakarta Eye Center

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On 2 April 2012 Jakarta Eye Center (JEC) has a new branch located at Jl. Canal North Arjuna 1 Kedoya, West Jakarta (JEC @ Kedoya).
JEC @ Kedoya have Hospitel concept [Hospital with a classy hotel services] and also the first hospital in Indonesia with a "green building" because it emphasizes energy saving and green concepts.
"Green building" JEC @ Kedoya is a testament to the role of the JEC's commitment not only to provide health education and health services to the public eye, but also contribute to reducing global warming. JEC @ Kedoya green concept include:
Use of the cover glass building that can reduce solar heat so the air conditioner does not require a big power.
The use of gas on the air conditioner that meets the standards of the Kyoto protocol that does not produce greenhouse gases.
Installation of water treatment systems that enable water produced is used for flushing water in closet, garden watering, pond water feature and other uses.
Water heating system which utilizes air conditioner work.

Jl. Terusan Arjuna Utara No.1 KedoyaJakarta Barat 11520
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+62 21 2922 1000
+62 21 256 96099


All Branches of Jakarta Eye Center
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Jakarta Eye Center at Menteng Jl. Cik Ditiro 46 MentengJakarta Pusat 10310
+62 21 2922 1000
Jakarta Eye Center at Kebon Jeruk Jl. Terusan Arjuna Utara No.1 KedoyaJakarta Barat 11520
+62 21 2922 1000

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